Cole McNeely Show with Cole McNeely

The Cole McNeely Show brings you intellectually honest political conversations from the viewpoint of a conservative millennial. Cole was formerly the host of the “Cole McNeely Show” and the co-host of the “Wayne Dupree Show” on We Are America Radio. Currently, he is the co-host of the “McNeely Murphy Hour” on WRFH and the producer of “The Bookmonger” with John J. Miller of National Review.  He attends Hillsdale College and is the founder of Paragon Talk Radio.

Grace in Review with Aron Railey

We all experience times of doubt and confusion as we journey through life. Grace in Review is an opportunity to take a breath and find your bearings again. Pastor Aron Railey, takes a look at every day experiences and current events and offers encouragement to you, our listeners, to help bring a sense of focus and direction for your life. Aron has spent the majority of his adult life traveling the country studying how different cultures understand God, religion, politics, and social change – including cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, NYC, and Dallas. Aron is also co-author of the book “The Bridge: A Cross-Generational Conversation on Church, Race, and Culture”.

The Pipeline with Kyle Coddington

Discussing the week’s hottest political issues from a common-sense point of view. Kyle Coddington was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During election years, he would volunteer for local candidates and in 2012 he signed on as a contributor for World 2.0 Magazine. He wrote articles about politics, policies, and politicians and served as the magazines Social Media Director for a short time. He stayed with the magazine until February of 2015. In November of 2016, Kyle was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Despite his diagnosis, he is active in local politics, and aside from hosting his show on Paragon Talk Radio, he is also a contributor for OUTSET magazine.

Real Talk with Nicolas Morales

Nick tackles the toughest political stories and biggest current events from the week, from a conservative perspective that you can’t miss. Nick has been an avid lover and follower of politics for quite some time. As a member of Boston College Republicans, Nick has had tons of experience in helping to promote conservative/libertarian values around his campus and in his community. He has also spent considerable time writing news and opinion pieces for various publications, most recently McNeely’s Mafia. He intends on applying for law school at the end of his college carrier, and hopes to pursue a career in politics and/or government.

Sam Morrow Show with Sam Morrow

Sam will always tell you how he feels and doesn’t pull any punches on the “Sam Morrow Show” on Paragon Talk Radio. Sam is the former producer of the “Cole McNeely Show” on We Are America Radio and currently attends Indiana University.

The Talking Point with Ryan Hodges

In depth analysis and commentary on an issue or multiple issues that are affecting us today. Ryan was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and is a graduate from Mizzou’s College of Business. He has been employed in St. Louis by World Wide Technology, a reputable, private Fortune company, since his Freshman year of college.

The Topic with Cole McNeely

Cole goes in depth into all of the history of a single topic. Hear the story behind your favorite politician, historical event, and more. Cole was formerly the host of “The Cole McNeely Show” and the co-host of the “Wayne Dupree Show” on We Are America Radio. Currently, he is the co-host of the “McNeely Murphy Hour” on WRFH and the producer of “The Bookmonger” with John J. Miller of National Review.  He attends Hillsdale College and is the founder of Paragon Talk Radio.

The Witness Review with Garrett Ziegler

The Witness Review is dedicated to exploring issues that really matter: politics, religion, and money. Garrett is a junior at Saint Louis University, where he studies economics. He is an Intercollegiate Studies Institute Honors Scholar and Illinois State Society Fitzgerald Congressional award winner. He has interned with a civil litigation firm in St. Louis, Representative John Shimkus, and Governor Eric Greitens. He is a member of Beta Theta Pi and SLU’s Entrepreneurship Club. He plans to attend law school.

The Word with Eduardo Neret & Faith Vander Vort

Started in 2017, “The Word” is a news and talk program that aims to find “the word on the street” when it comes to political news stories. The program features host Eduardo Neret who gives his opinion on the stories of the day and co-host Faith Vander Voort who provides . Neret also seeks to find outside opinion through his riveting interviews with guests that may include his peers and colleagues, or even top political commentators such as Ben Shapiro and Ed Henry. Eduardo Neret is CEO and editor-in-chief of The Daily Nerv, a millennial conservative web based publication based in Florida. The publication has thousands of readers from all over the world and has recently had its stories featured on Fox News, The Blaze, Daily Wire, Twitchy, Drudge Report & more. Previously, Neret served as an assistant to Fox News Political Analyst Angela McGlowan. With McGlowan, Neret researched and helped analyze the top political news from Washington D.C. and also worked with McGlowan’s government relations firm, Political Strategies & Insights. Additionally, Neret is also a former Capitol Hill intern. Faith has worked as a legislative and press intern on Capitol Hill, reported for The Heritage Foundation’s publication The Daily Signal as an editorial intern, dabbled in freelance social media branding and lead a congressional campaign as the director of communications. She is currently serving as executive assistant and director of communications for a Fox News political analyst. Faith recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University in three years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.

Also hear from OUTSET Magazine:

Acerbic Review with Holmes Lybrand

Acerbic Review is a show by Holmes Lybrand dedicated to forthright, opinionated analysis and explanation of current events, ideas, and issues of all sorts.

MILiberty with Caleb Franz

Hosted by Caleb Franz, MilLiberty is the voice of liberty for a new generation. Join Caleb and his guests every Thursday as they discuss the latest news in the liberty movement while engaging in thought provoking conversation and giving unique commentary. Prepare to have conventional wisdom and the mindset of the status quo challenged in every episode as the envelope is pushed to the limit.

Stephen Perkins Podcast with Stephen Perkins

Informed and candid discussions over the issues and stories that matter, led by OUTSET Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Perkins.

Sports Saturday Lineup:

The Breakdown with Tyler Creager

An in depth look at the top sports stories of the week with a strong controversial position taken. Not Steven A. Smith positions, but actual factual positions. Tyler was a three sport athlete in High school and is a perennial 3rd place finisher in fantasy football. He is also the son of former professional baseball player Dave Creager.

Pocket Presence with Cam Maxwell and Alex Maxwell

Brothers Cam and Alex Maxwell give you all the hot takes you have been missing in your life. Cam is a former college baseball player at Hillsdale College.

The Scott Podcastnik with Chris Chavez and Joe Kaiser

Baseball podcast offering one-on-one interviews with current and former players and coaches, and off-beat, irreverent analysis and coverage of current game events. Chris Chavez covers track and field, marathons and the Olympics for Sports Illustrated. Joe Kaiser is a writer and comedian based out of Chicago, Illinois. Joe had performed comedy in clubs, theaters, bars and private events throughout the Midwest, and has appeared on radio stations in Milwaukee, Wis. and Chicago and Bloomington, Ill. Joe also works as a writer and editor at the free-market think tank, the Illinois Policy Institute. He also is the producer of “Illinois Rising,” a syndicated public affairs radio program available to thousands of subscribers on iTunes. Prior to this, he worked in TV and radio production at The Blaze TV and WTMJ Milwaukee.